Morgan City Miracle

Louisiana residents flock to theater despite flooding

Morgan City, LA, 2016 –Braving floodwaters and torrential rain, thousands of people visited Morgan City last month to see Apparition Hill, a film that follows seven strangers on a journey to Medjugorje, a place of alleged miracles in ex-Yugoslavia.

After a one-night screening quickly sold out at his theater, Nels Offerdahl—owner of Morgan City’s Lake Cinema—opened Apparition Hill for a week-long box office run that started on August 5th. The first week was so successful that Lake Cinema showed the film for a second week, and then a third.

“People absolutely loved the film,” said cinema manager Darlene Toups. “They were coming out with tears in their eyes. People traveled from as far away as Mississippi, Baton Rouge and New Orleans to see the movie, and a lot of them came back again with friends and family.”

The fact that patrons continued to pack the theater during some of the worst weather in Louisiana’s history might seem fitting for a film about miracles, but screenings of Apparition Hill have sold out in most of the 45 cities in which it’s been shown—a feat for any film, let alone a documentary.

Apparition Hill is currently being shown throughout the world. On October 7, the film opened again at the box office in over 25 select theaters.

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